He was Having a Nice Evening Bike Ride, then the Police State Happened


In a video posted by ScoochLeft on YouTube, Fort Lauderdale police are seen tackling a cyclist during a Critical Mass cycling event.

Cyclist Dan Littel, was peddling over the Las Olas bridge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 30, 2014 when a police patrol car sped by him and his fellow Critical Mass cyclist.

“Slow down!” Littell shouted at the officer driving erratically, just as he would have done with any other person making the road unsafe for the riders. When the officer ignored the pleas made by the cyclist, 30 year old Littell then began riding in front on the officer’s car, forcing the cruiser to keep pace with the bicyclists.

According to Littell, “There were kids on the ride, anyone could have swerved in. The cop slammed on his brakes to try and get other bikes to hit him, and when the ride slowed down, he tackled me.”

Although the officer’s erratic driving wasn’t caught on camera, fortunately for Littell, the unnecessary police brutality was.

The cyclist, who was only looking out for the safety of his fellow riders, was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and impeding traffic.

Watch the incident for yourself below(36 seconds):

You can watch the full video below (1:40):

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