Mother Bear Kills Her Cub And Then Herself

A mother bear has reportedly strangled her cub and then killed herself by running head first into a wall to save them both from a life of torture.

The bears were reportedly having their gall bladders milked daily for ‘bear bile’ which is used in traditional Chinese medicine to remove ‘heat’ from the body as well as to treat liver ailments and sore eyes.

The bile, a digestive juice, is harvested through a permanent hole in the abdomen and gall bladder of Asiatic black bears, which, as it is open permanently, is susceptible to infections and diseases which can cause the animals unbearable pain.

This often leads bears trying to kill themselves by punching themselves in the stomach. To stop this they are fitted with iron vests.

It has been reported that the mother and cub were being kept in tiny cages known as ‘crush cages’ which restricted their movement, on a farm in a remote part of North-West of China, according to website Asia One.

- More than 12,000 bears are suffering cruel conditions in Asia’s bear farms

- They are confined so bile can be extracted from their gall bladders and sold for use in some Traditional Asian Medicine, according to World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

- The methods used to extract bile causes severe pain and trauma to the bears, who occupy tiny cages.
Bear farmers sometimes argue that by supplying the demand for bear bile their industry protects wild bears

One witness told that the mother bear broke out of its cage when it heard her cub in distress before a worker punctured its stomach to milk the bile.

The mother bear rushed to its cub and hugged it until it eventually strangled it before running head-first into a wall, killing itself.

According to Singapore Seen, the witness, who has not been named, said: ‘When a worker wanted to open up her cub’s stomach, the mother bear broke open the cage and went after the cub.

‘After failing to release the chained cub, she hugged the cub.

‘Then, the mother bear killed the cub to save it from a life of hell.’

Bears can be farmed for their bile for around 20 years, before they stop producing it and are killed.
Critics, including Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, have opposed the use of bear bile in their treatments and increasing numbers are turning to herbal and synthetic alternatives.






Edit, August 25th, 2013: Join and help save the mooonbears, this is the best way to help save the bears and stamp out bear bile farming in China. Your donations go directly to the bears and educating young Chinese/Vietnamese that bear bile farming is not part of the future – and should not be happening now. Bear bile farming is still legal in China and Vietnam, it is estimated there are still 10,000 bears being kept in crates and milked for their bile, then there are the illegal bile farmers. – go there now

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  1. This is awful. Who in the hell do the Chinese think they are. I wish the same torture for them and an eternity Hell. It makes me sick! There’s got to be a way to stop them.

    • There is a way to stop them, since the Chinese government refuses to put an end this and other barbaric acts Chinese commit against animals like skinning dogs, cats and any other animal with fur while the poor animal is still alive. The only way we can stop them is buy hurting them. and the only way we can hurt them is by not buying products made in countries that support this kind of Sub Human behavior against helpless animals. We must stop buy their crap! I know we have to have cell phones and computers and other shit made in these countries but, There are millions of other products we do not have to buy! trust me, YOU CAN DO IT!! and if we all contribute to not buy their shit then their economy will suffer! also, there is a government program that allows for Millionaire Chinese business men/women to invest in a new startup company of expansions of companies and in return our government issues them a green card!!!!! WE NEED TO PROTEST THIS AND DEMAND THIS PROGRAM END!!!! What do you think these millionaire business people will do if the program was stop because they are doing nothing to stop the torture of animals in their country!!! THEY WILL PUSH THEIR GOVERNMENT TO STOP IT! THEY WANT CITIZENSHIP IN THE USA AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT/ LEGALLY OF COURSE! So, when we demand our government end this program we need to tell them why. If we get a petition going and obtain enough signatures it might work? also, STOP SHOPPING AT PET SUPPLY STORES!!! PETSMART, PET SUPPLIES PLUS, ETC….. THEY BUY ANIMAL TOYS/PRODUCTS FROM CHINA!!!!! A country that does shit like this to animals and then rubs it in our faces by selling animal products and profiting from them, FROM US!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

    • Correction, “Who in the hell do these people think they are.”

      Unless my friends, family, and I somehow torture bears and perform other acts of animal abuse unconsciously, your comment is very offensive and insensitive. Alternatives to many goods which can harm animals in production are becoming cheaper than the real thing, and most of China can’t afford or don’t want to pay such ludicrous prices for the real and highly illegal merchandise.

      Who you probably want to hold a grudge against are the conservative rich Chinese, as they are probably the sole supporters of such businesses.

  2. These bastards along with all the other animal torturers need to be executed, it sickens me how evil and parasitic humans are…

  3. this is horrible !
    WTF is wrong with humans !!!

  4. This is wrong. Just like the way we treat our meat

  5. This should be stopped now and forever banned and the act criminalized together with other Asian uses of animal products and parts that accounts for torture, abuse and killings for the own benefit.

  6. Humans will one day know in their heart-of-hearts all CONSCIOUSNESS is the same CONSCIOUSNESS, if you do not believe/understand this….then simply feel LIFE and know all eyes look out from the same SELF.

  7. Does it have to be bear bile? Can’t you raise bear farmer families to milk bile from?
    Could someone prove the benefits of bear bile over human bile? What are the so-called benefits and who is buying it to make ‘medicine’ and do the consumers know what torture they are supporting? That the mother bear could do this is heartwrenching—what pain—and what consciousness of others pain–no different than a human–yet a bear would never do this.

  8. this is sick. This kind of news are shut away from public viewing. News and incidents like this should,at least, be out in the open for everyone to see it.!!

  9. Anadelia Hernandez // August 23, 2013 at 6:03 am //

    WHAT CAN BE DONE TO STOP THIS!?! I cannot this of a way because of the chinese govt

  10. This makes me sick to my stomach. My heart hurts so bad. What can be done? God please save them.

  11. This is so cruel, where is their empathy for another living creature, to see suffering they are inflicting, and think and feel nothing, something is wrong here.

  12. you guys hating on the chinese do hopefully realize that – while this is horrible and disgusting and vile – what we “westerners” do to our catlle and pigs in the massproduction is just as bad. where’s the outcry there? just sayin’.

  13. This is why the natural disasters happens in a much rapid way . Humans deserve it a lot !!!

  14. This is so cruel I can hardly believe a modern mind would do this.

    Disgusting evil and shameful.

  15. Stop this n

  16. Are you all vegans?

  17. There is nothing “human” about Human beings.

  18. Almost made me cry. To think people are getting paid to do this! It’s just sick and twisted. How could you look at a bear or… well especially a CUB and actually put that animal through that. I just want to give them hugs, but I know that won’t solve anything. For some reason every time I read a story with animal abuse I get home and hug my dog so hard and just tell her I love her over and over again. I know that doesn’t help either but it makes me feel better. Know where your medicine comes from… know where your meat comes from. All we can do is be responsible consumers as best we can. :( I’m so sorry for these poor animals and sadly that bear and cub ARE better off dead to go through that… and that’s just awful.

  19. Selina: at least we have the means to buy our meat responsibly. Buy local, don’t buy your meat from large supermarkets and you know what, you aren’t feeding into this culture. Being a responsible consumer can help animals. Of course cattle needs to die for us to have a burger, but they don’t have to have a crappy life before they are slaughtered. I buy local and I KNOW that my pork, beef and chicken are all raised in an environment that any animal lover would be happy with. I say go local ONLY stop shopping at Zhers and big stores. it will only get worse if you do.

  20. OMG!! This is heart-wrenching!! Shame on these people!! It is one thing to do as the Indians, and kill an animal for life sustaining reasons, and use every ounce of that animal without any waste. But to torture these bears consistently until they no longer produce and then die, is disgusting and inhumane!! What can we do to help these poor animals and stop this abuse?

  21. This is absolutely disgraceful!!! I was in tears reading this horrific story… These poor bears deserve a hell of a lot more respect and love than they are receiving!!! The Bible states that we are to take care of the animals of this earth… NOT TORTURE THEM!!!

  22. What? Armadillos,dogs,bats,insects not good enough?. Sad

  23. they should catch those farmers and whole familly and milk them the same way see how it feels

  24. Join and help save the mooonbears, this is the best way to help save the bears and stamp out bear bile farming in China. Your donations go directly to the bears and educating young Chinese/Vietnamese that bear bile farming is not part of the future – and should not be happening now. Bear bile farming is still legal in China and Vietnam, it is estimated there are still 10,000 bears being kept in crates and milked for their bile, then there are the illegal bile farmers. – go there now

  25. This is disgusting and inhumane!! I agree with Bev Macris above!!

  26. This is the saddest story. I had never read this before and I am sure this is not an isolated case. Animals have feelings much like humans. I didn’t like the article referring to the mother bear as ‘it,’ but I know the writers meant well. So heartbreaking for these bears, and to endure such pain and tiny cages. Intolerable!

    - it took me a long time to regain my composure after reading this. It is unbelievably, inhumanly cruel~

  27. I wept in great sorrow for the bears and man’s countless ways of ruthlessly hurting animals. May God forgive us for our karma is heavy. We rant about the Chinese bear tormentors, (“farmers” is an insult to the good men and women who till the soil.) and their cruelty to bears and truly it is so horrid and vicious yet what about the Western way of encaging pigs so that the mama pig lies in a metal cage all her life never able to really walk, just stand and the cows that are put on rotating conveyors and milked. This torment may not be as vicious in the physical pain inflicted but it is just as ruthless, thoughtless and cruel in its way. To deprive freedom to be from animals for mere human convenience is cruel and horrific. To torture them as is done to the bile bears is a karma I would not like to bear, no pun intended. I cry for the animals that we are hurting and for their great sorrow as they watch their loved ones die or be tortured. May humanity be forgiven our sins. Thank you, Bev Marcis for your work to save these majestic creatures.

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