About Us

The main purpose of this website is to provide a free source of uncensored information that will be archived for as long as the website is up. We want you to think for yourself. We want you to research and even question what you hear or see, even if it is posted on our website. The best way to make a difference in this world is to expose the information we provide and to teach others to live free and/or natural. We want to empower the majority, not the minority. With your help, that may soon become a reality.

I know many of you are having a tough time surviving in this world. If you are skeptical about the so called recovery, you aren’t alone. I’m currently working on a website that allows people to share their knowledge to the public, in return people who utilize your information can donate as a way to show their appreciation.The site will also allow you to easily build a website and monetize off your information/products and services you sell locally. Other ideas are in the working (political social network), but we need to start with you before we start with our representatives.


Here is an idea of what we cover:

  • Self-sufficiency/Homesteading
  • Constitutionalism
  • DIY/Life Hacks
  • Survivalism
  • Report Injustice
  • Natural/Alternative Medicine and Cures
  • Food, Water, and Air Watch
  • Health Tips
  • Enlightenment (Xpiritual)

The name of our website and fan page DOES NOT give us ANY limits to what we can cover. So please don’t define us.

Thank you, Admin B