Images From Recent US Drone Strike In Yemen That The Mainstream Media Refuse To Show

The ‘war on terror’ being waged by the American government and allies is a brutal reality for people all over the middle east. Estimates have shown that nearly every person living in Yemen suffers from PTSD, this after years of military strikes in the country, mostly by armed drones.

Considering that this phony war –which many believe is actually creating more terrorists that it is destroying– is taking place thousands of miles away, it’s hard for Americans to understand the severity of what is going on over there.

Most mainstream media outlets simply ignore the war on terror unless a figure head is killed, surely not mentioning that the majority of people killed in anti-terror drone strikes are actually innocent civilians. So when we hear news of over 60 “militants” being killed in drone strikes over Easter weekend in Yemen, keep in mind that the majority of these people were likely innocent civilians.

Here are some pictures that show the grim reality of what people in third world countries have to face on a daily basis. Hopefully this will help you get on the side of the anti-war movement.














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